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I used to stare at old maps for hours. My grandmother gave me dozens from old National Geographics.


Patterns repeated like fractals: from as large as the universe down to the smallest viewable matter, I saw maps in leaves and petals that I could trace and follow from the stems to the tips.  I held them up to the sun and made these "maps" glow.


I saw a bird that had perished, lying on the grass.  Its wings were collapsed but when expanded, the wings are translucent.


I began looking through grocery stores, and fields, and yards, and gardens for other translucent things.


I was walking through the Pompidou, looking at abstractions - like a lens zooming in and out.  


These pieces came together in my mind.


Like alchemy, I place these things on a controlled light surface and this allows me to reimagine organic materials and create new life from death.

Let's work together

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